Today I was given a Nikon D7000 DSLR camera.  I had no idea just how complicated photography could be.  After watching a couple of youtube tutorials I didn’t feel I knew enough to actually use the camera effectively and turned to the book, “Nikon D7000 – From Snapshots to Great Shots” by John Batdorff.

After reading chapter one, so far so good.

The book began by covering the basics of the camera itself, familiarizing me with things attached to the body of the camera and the basics of the buttons and dials.

Next up was:

Setting the Correct White Balance

Fluorescent Light

Fluorescent gets rid of the green-blue light that can occur from fluorescent lights being your main light source. Florescent bulbs give off a cool greenish color which can give the picture a weird look and feel to it, a kind of dull boring outcome,which is the opposite of what you want, you want a crisp warm looking photo which is what the fluorescent whit balance setting does for you.

Natural Light

Natural light is mainly used for daylight or sunlit shooting when the sun is the main source of light. Daylight can be one of the most varied light sources you ever encounter. It can range in many different color temperatures based on many factors, one of them would be the time of day. The color of light will be different through sunrise and midday, it also has to do with how harsh and intense the light will be, the more harsh the light the sharper the corners and edges will be.


Tungsten should be used when the main source of light is a household light bulb. Tungsten is a warm light source so it results in a yellow/orange color when shooting under it, if it is not used correctly it will still give off that orange look. If used correctly the tungsten white balance setting will counter this with and opposite, blue. This gives the photo that perfect medium.

For all three of these pictures I used the same light source, which was daylight.
As you can see there is a huge difference and all I did was change the white balance setting. The fluorescent and tungsten both kind brought out a blueish hue which is not what you want. However the natural light really brought out the colors in the candle and the background.

Today I really feel like I got more comfortable working with the camera and what white balance setting to choose for different circumstances. Of course I still have a lot to learn but I really feel like “Nikon D7000 – From Snapshots to Great Shots” helped me greatly.

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