So today I will be going over how I created the featured image for my last post, which was a blog going over the story of Queen Guinevere. All credits go to Logos by Nick.

Layer 1: The photo

So first I obviously started out with a photo of Queen Guinevere that I got from google images. I imported this to gimp by pressing file, then pressing open and selecting the photo.

Layer 2: The Gradient

After inserting the photo I went and created a new layer (with transparency), after doing that I went to the gradient tool and chose my foreground and background colors, this is where I ran into some trouble. When I would add on the gradient to the layer the color would not come out solid and would be opaque, so after about 20 min of struggling almost punching my computer and troubleshooting almost everything I could think of I figured out I had the gradient set to multiply when it had to be set to normal. So when doing this make sure you have the gradient set to multiply.

Layer 3: The Text

After adding the gradient I went on to add the text. To do this you have to press the text button (the capital A) and just press anywhere on the picture. I used the Montserrat text which you can download and add to gimp, I used size 300 font and -72 spacing between the letters. I then had to adjust it a little bit to where I wanted it to be with the adjust tool.

Final Product: Cutout of Text


For the final product I right clicked the text layer and selected alpha to selection I then clicked on to the gradient layer and then I went to edit and then clear which gets rid of the text (I had to press on the eye in the layer section to get rid of the text fully). For the final part I changed the gradient opacity to 80% which showed the picture slightly. Which gave me the final product.

Link to my Guinevere blog:

Queen Guinevere – A Heroine with Many Faces