Until today I had only learned how to use the HTML and CSS markup language, since that is not exactly coding, I wanted to learn how to use the programming language Python.

The course I am learning is Python For Absolute Beginners from the education site Skillshare.

Below are the topics I learned from the first four lessons in the Python course.


1. Installing Python

The very first thing I learned was how to install the python environment onto the Mac OS.

This seems very simple but I was not aware of what a new coding environment was. 

  1. Download Python for Mac OS from https://python.org
  2.  Install the Python application
  3. Open a terminal window to run the python3 command from the terminal command line.

2. GNU nano

In this lesson I learned  how to operate with GNU nano which Is a text editor. Similar to notepad.

  1. Moving the program I created in the last video called “python.py” into GNU nano
  2. I then edited it by using GNU nano commands like: ctrl T which sends it to files and ctrl X which cancels what you just   commanded it to do




3. Print

Printing Script


  1. After creating a command like (‘Hello World’) you want to type in Python3 which opens up the print command
  2. You then type in print(‘insert whatever you want’) and press enter this will give you a script command
Printing addition, division etc. problems


  1. After opening the print command, simply type in a math problem and press enter, python will do it for you 
Using the exit command

  1. If you are don’t using the print command you type exit() and press enter
  2. This will clear whatever you have just done

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